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Mental Coaching

Currently our students living a series of shortcomings such as:

  • The lack of confidence in themselves and their own abilities
  • Lack of attention
  • Lack of motivation for the study
  • Lack of values, such as respect (for themselves, peers and teachers) that often lead to situations of conflict and marginalization.
  • Lack of practical and effective tools for the study.

And teachers, in turn, have their difficulties such as:

  • Keep your motivation throughout the years
  • Continue your own professional development
  • Self-management in times of conflicts in the classroom

So far the majority of interventions to remedy this deficiency have been at the level of content (changing laws of education, curricula, materials,…) and results-focused.

In the workshop of mental effectiveness we offer work in people, capabilities and processes that perform for their results. A through an innovative methodology (or dynamics, body work, techniques of management of care and thought, modeling, etc., mental relaxation, autosuggestion, self-knowledge, imagination) provided practical and tools easy to use in the classroom and in everyday life.

With them the students can develop their own capacities and teachers will also have the resources needed to teach them and to manage their own difficulties.

I-educational offers regular Breakfast demonstration where we explain actively these contents and how to apply them within your educational community. If you want to participate, follow the following link and participate.

‘ If you are looking for different results do not do always the same’ Albert Einstein

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