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Teacher Training

Our society is absorbed in constant changes. The old structures and educational methods are no longer effective at present.

Our goal is to facilitate tools and structures to teachers that will allow them to improve their work at the same time that they facilitate their work as well as their personal development and that of their students.


Our methodology assists self-knowledge as well as the development of each person’s resources and skills.

It is based on:

  •          Practice (more than 80% of our method is practical)
  •          Real scenario simulations
  •          Team work and dynamics
  •          Interaction between student and instructor as well as with the other participants.
  •         Corporal, mental and breathing techniques.

These are some of our workshops:

  • Teaching abilities and collaborative learning.
  • Theatrical techniques to assist teaching abilities development.
  • Voice control
  • Creativity and class entertainment
  • Techniques to improve emotional health.
  • Learning how to teach Emotional Intelligence and Social Abilities.
  • Non violent communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Tools to face interviews with parents.
  • Coaching for teacher teams and staff.
  • Team work
  • Conflict management in class
  • Mindfulness

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