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Voice Management

“The voice is the most essential of human communication instrument”, this statement that seems obvious, should not be, when we find that most people, unaware of the basic rules of operation and the bonding that has this with different areas of health.

In the workshop of the voice management raised the practical study of this resource in two major fields interrelated from the outset:

  • Knowledge of the functioning of the voice, its possibilities
  • Vocal health.

The main objective is that the participant will discover his voice as something that responds to impulses physical that they can be controlled and improved, allowing a conscious use of it, favoring a broadcast natural and comfortable.

It is common to find people who hesitate at the beginning of the possibility of changing patterns of behaviour rooted vocal, but it is very rewarding to see after attending the workshop, 98% of the participants understand that it is possible to improve with small adjustments and some self-analysis.

In the workshop we want to offer the participant Basic, simple, and practical tools to improve the use of the voice and allow the durability of this under optimum conditions.

The concept that we use as a starting point is the absence of aesthetic prejudices about the qualities of the voices, therefore the priority is not mark a concept of the “beautiful or ugly” that can be a voice, but understand that the material that each one possesses is unique and may only accurate adjustments to improve it and make it an optimal instrument and an indication of our bodily health.

The methodology that we use, encourages participation and development through practical exercises, which allow you to understand effective and realistic way how the process of functioning of this delicate and essential instrument of our life.

The experience of these years in the workshops of management of voice, direct contact with all participants and their problems, has allowed us to design a workshop very tight to the real needs of the recipients of the action.

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